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True Grit

I went and saw True Grit last night with a friend, and wasn’t dissapointed.  The dialog was well written and have some very interesting turns of phrase.  Though not completely indicitive of casual speech during that time period it was nonetheless enjoyable and fun to listen to.  The character Jeff Bridges played was (of course) very entertaining and extremely interesting… The Dude (haha) can act.  The movie was dark in tone with a dry, almost fatalistic humour to match and balance.  The Old West was a harsh time where life was cheap and it shows in the action scenes.  The violence in this film is abrupt, brutal and unflinching.  There isn’t an overabundance of violent scenes nor is it relied upon to carry said scenes and as such gives more powerful impact to them.  There are no flashy explosions or ‘shakycam’ fist fights in this movie and it’s better for it.

True Grit is a story driven western drama with excellent characters and dialog throughout with a steady pace towards a satisfying climactic conclusion.  The finale was kind of weak especially compared to the climax and lead up to it throughout the film but it’s the only real sticking point I had with the movie.  You can see much worse in the theatre this season, I reckon.

*edited for some crappy writing.

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