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Back in the land of Wind and Snow

We are back from our two week Vacation in the Caribbean, and happily married now. If you want to avoid the words, you can see thousands(literally) of pictures, here, and here. If you just wanna see our wedding photos, you can see them here. We got married at Sea, by the Captain of the Caribbean Princess (Capt. William Kent of Great Britain for those that are interested). As the Captain is a subject of the Queen, his accent was wonderful. The closest I could describe his voice, is similar to Alan Rickman’s. So the wedding was perfect and everything we wanted, and went off without a hitch. Big Thanks™ to Erin’s Bridesmaids, our mutual sisters Leslie and Samantha, and to my Men of Honour, Patrick Bullard (Calaphor to you internet folks who may know him) and Jim Morrison. Our photographer, Rachel (also British), was amazing! She knew all the neat spots on the ship to get good pictures, and we had some interesting challenges outside, above the bridge. Those are the pictures where it looks like we are in a wind tunnel. My sister Samantha very nearly went flying off into the distance, during one gust of wind! Good times had by all.

Our dinner reception was at the Sterling Steakhouse on board, which is where the wedding cake pics (and pics with the families and friends) are. I had a Porterhouse steak, which is 22oz, which is gigantic for those that don’t know the US systems of measurement. This thing was huge! It was a good foot and a bit wide, It was all that was on the plate… they had to bring out the baked potato on a secondary plate.

I did not finish it, more for fear of having a heart attack then any other reason.

Our ports of call were St. Maarten (or St. Martin depending on what side of the island you are on), St. Thomas, and Princess Cays (which is on the Bahamian Eluthrian(sp) Islands) We had 3 days at Sea on each go-around, which was great for unwinding and exploring the ship. And you needed at least a full day and a bit, to see everything on the ship. This thing is HUGE. It’s crew compliment is around 1200, it’s typical passenger compliment is around 3200 or so… Just absolutely massive. It’s around 950 or so feet long, and it took me at my regular pace of walking (which is fairly speedy), a good 10-15 minutes to walk around Deck 7 (which is the ‘outside’ deck where you can walk around the entire ship unhindered). On the main sun deck of the ship (Deck 15/16), it took another 10-15 minutes to walk around the outside of the ship. Just massive. Even more impressive was this floating town/city, cruised at a steady 22 knots (or ~41KPH). Very Impressive.

Anyhow, it was an amazing experience. I’m so glad we did it, I can honestly say it was the perfect wedding and honeymoon. Having almost our entire families along with a good deal of our friends (we had 50 people in our party in total), made the time even more special. We will never forget the experience; and will have very fond and warm memories of the time we spent with our families in such a beautiful setting, for our entire lifetimes.

And we plan on doing this again with everyone, for our 5 year anniversary! Start saving up folks, same deal as before. Anyone that wants to come along, is welcome to!

P.S. I know alot of my pictures (shandanderin) are currently repeats. I will be combing through them and culling it down soon.


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