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Forza 2

I took my Ferrari F430 out of the garage last night, and did some laps on Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway. I poured about 200,000 more credits into upgrading it (I’ve already put a 100,000 in, plus the sticker price of buying it); and my first few engine modifications took the car class well past the S series, into U Unlimited. With the mindset of ‘more is more’, I kept on pouring on the upgrades. Racing spark plugs… bored out cylinder shafts, racing fuel system, the works. I decided that I’d best put some racing wings as well. I fitted the modules, adjusted the brake strength and downforce on the new wings to compensate for the heavily increased horsepower; and ran the car through the benchmarks. I ended up with a top speed of ~350KPH, and 1-100 in 1.2’ish seconds. “Great!” I thought, this should be a good car setup. Well, unfortunately, I upgraded it too much. I can’t use more then 10-20% throttle in first gear, without losing all traction instantly, and spinning the tires. I actually have to get up into 4th gear before I could reliably stomp on the accelerator in the fashion I am used to; without the car spinning its tires, and turning the track into a sheet of ice in terms of my driving capability.


So I took most of the engine upgrades off, beyond a racing muffler and a few of the smaller upgrades. The car still does ~300KPH, but is driveable on a race track now.



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