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I played the demo for Bioshock last night, and have to say that I was very impressed.

I will not be playing it again, however.

Graphically, the game is one of the prettiest on the 360. The ambiance is amazing, and is very creepy and well done. However, that is also part of the problem, it’s very creepy. I haven’t played a game that is this creepy since playing a marine in Aliens vs Predator, years ago. It’s not the same type of scary-jump-out-at-you as AvP was (although that IS in there in places), but a more psychological aspect. It reminds me of Event Horizon, where everyone goes insane, and mayhem ensues. Seeing the ruined city, listening to the denizens that are left rambling madly to themselves (or their counterparts) before they see you, and some of the subject matter relating to the story and the choices you will have to make, is truly creepy. I am not afraid to say the ‘little sisters’ freak me out somewhat. As an aside, the special powers you gain and the way you can effect the environment with them (try zapping a bad guy when he’s ankle deep in water, for example), are truly awesome.

So I won’t be playing it again. But it is an awesome game visually and in every other aspect.


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