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Harry Potter and the Media Extravaganza

<Prof. Farnsworth Voice>

Good news everyone!

I’ve just come back from the Weight-o-tron 3000, and I’m happy to say that I’ve lost 10 lbs this month. Now, your next delivery will be to take this 10lbs package to Omicron Persei Eight.

</Prof. Farnsworth Voice>

I’m quite happy the the scale is going in reverse for me, for the first time in a couple of years now. I’ve lost around 15-20lbs in the past three months, which has me pretty pleased, considering I haven’t made many changes. Mostly portion control, and cutting out most of my pop/junk-food intake.

We saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on the weekend on the IMAX screen in Mississauga with the last half hour being in 3-D, which was pretty impressive. The effect wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough in my books. The movie itself was good too, they obviously had to cut the book down to it’s bare bones to force it into hollywood’s 2’ish hour format, but it’s not a really bad thing in my opinion. It worked well on the screen, and that’s what is important. The ending battle was pretty spectacular too. all sorts of flashy lights and wizardly stuff. My only complaint was that Smith, Rickman, Oldman, and the rest of the adult supporting cast didn’t get enough screen-time for my liking.

We are looking into getting a new vehicle soon. Maybe this week even! ooh the joys!


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