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Death Becomes Us

This link I found very interesting. The idea of death is of course scary and mysterious, but everyone wants to know just what awaits you after you have ‘died’. When your body does eventually shut down for whatever reasoning, do you just…. go to sleep? A blanket of darkness, sensory inputs fading, and a dimming of the lights towards nothingness? Or does your conciousness continue on in some unrecognisable form, something modern science and medicine cannot fathom or explain yet, regardless that a few people think they have a handle (and have cornered the market) on?

My thoughts on this do not lie at either end of the spectrum. While I don’t think I’ll be ending up in a white robe with matching wings and a jaunty halo (or the alternative!), I don’t think that my final curtain calling, will end in total nothingness either. I don’t believe that information (even the kind that makes up our brains and self-awareness) can be destroyed, rather just changed into some other medium, or form. It may be unrecognisable at that point, and there is the very real possibility that it might as well be ending in blackness for what you or I would call a human conciousness, but I don’t think it winks out all-together.

Now having explained my viewpoint on what I think happens when death comes knocking, what do I think about another theme of the article; extending life?

Of course, I think this is generally a good thing within limits. I do not want to sound like a monster, but there ARE limits on what can and especially, should be done to extend someone’s lifespan. (that’s the sounding like a monster part there). Whats that you say? You think people shouldn’t be able to live longer given the means? How cruel! How barbaric of you! Perhaps, but those people I think are too selfish. This world is already at the straining point as it is for support, how much worse would that be if people refused to give up their spot? Their share of the resources? Sure some might live a long time, but the rest would be doomed to an existence of poverty and starvation of their share of resources. It’s already bad enough for that kind of mentality NOW, imagine how much worse it would be if everyone in Europe and North America was suddenly assured they could live to see their 200th birthday. Think of all the support that population of eldery would require. The next four generations of kids, would have to be working to support one generation! That’s just greedy and short-sighted in my opinion.

What I do think would be a viable alternative to having someone reaching their 200th birthday, is the promise of creating an ‘digital’ version of themselves. With technology the way it is going, it may soon very well be completely viable to exist completely in electronic form. You would certainly have alot of choices, be able to do everything you can do now digitally or even physically, if you chose to ‘inhabit’ yourself in a robotic form.

That would actually be really cool for travelling I think. Just download yourself (or a copy) to a robot in China, and take a two week vacation tour! Cheap airfare, that!


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