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Life intervenes

I’ve been working alot of overtime lately, something those who have known me since I worked at my previous jorb, might be surprised to read. The work I do now in my ‘new’ position is much more engaging and interesting to me though, so I actually don’t mind it now. Depending on how tomorrow goes I might come close to 60 hours this week, which has meant that frivolities like this blog have suffered.  Nobody said life was fair.

Jim is with us again, having been deemed too human for the Armed Forces. With Jim staying with us, we have gotten back into City of Heroes, something I never thought I’d do. I still have fond memories of the game, and seeing all the original characters and ideas that the games very robust character creation feature can make.

My favourite is still the ‘Vegan Zombie’, whose battlecry was ‘Graiiiiins!!’. Cracks me up every time I think about it.

Tonight I get to go for a walk with Erin! and bowling tomorrow with her workmates; it will be a nice start to the weekend. Perhaps I’ll find the time to update again then.


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