From the tech world today, we find out human error might have doomed one of the recent Mars missions that have been flying fast and furious in the past decade of space activity. Not the kinda thing you want to get called into your boss’s office over, eh?

I find the whole concept of sending a probe to another planet fascinating. The distances are so incredibly vast, and the time frames involved in getting there so long, that this really should be hailed as a *major* crowning achievement of human ingenuity and brainpower. And yet the news is dominated by the Hollywood stars…. oi. The small group of people that work on a Mars mission, working within very tight deadlines and budgets, manage to put something man-made safely on another celestial body that is at the very least, approx 55,000,000 KM away from us should be made national heroes. Just to put it in perspective, it would take a car on the 401 moving at 120 KPH, around 105 years of driving nonstop give or take to go the same distance.

I would hope they have a good roadside plan.


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