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Friday, Sweet Wonderful Friday.

Today is Friday the thirteenth; supposedly an unlucky day. I have no idea why today is supposed to be unlucky, it’s interesting to think about how such traditions get started and maintain themselves throughout the years.

We went to the keg last night to celebrate Erin’s first paycheque with her new raise, it’s quite a large difference! I got the 14oz New York Sirloin, and Erin got one of their specials, steak with shredded crab in a Dijon sauce on top. We also shared two pitchers of Heineken, which might have been a bit much in hindsight. It wasn’t enough to make me feel ill, but it was enough for me to not really feel hungry today due to the stomach being upset… oh well. It was worth it.

We are going to Burlington this weekend, Erin has some wedding stuff to do, and I have sleep to catch up on. I can’t wait!


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