This link came across my desk at lunch. I’m glad to see that the tide is turning on the coverage of the impact of humanity’s activities on our society and world. I won’t try to persuade you to think one way or the other on the issue, I’m not the boss of you. I think the world population at large is gonna get one helluva wakeup slap in the next hundred or so years though. That is just human nature, we are quite stupid collectively when it comes to charting a path ahead. It seems to be too late to change for the better without courting disaster on some level, be it environmental, sociological, or financial. I can definitely see why people say ‘it is hopeless, why worry about it.. not my generations problem to tackle’.

I try to do my part while still living in the system… we drive a small car, Erin kicks my ass when I forget to turn out lights, we’ve started going into fast food places instead of going through the drive-through when we eat out, use the new energy efficient lights, etc. I could do more, and I will continue to put more into practice, but small gradual changes are more easy to effect and enact then large sweeping lifestyle changes.

The good news is that Spaceship Earth will survive whatever man will hath wrought upon it’s surface, and that it is likely that Humanity will survive at some level. It will to my cynic’s eyes, most likely spell the end of what we think of as our civilization, or at least set our direction and pacing of technological and sociological ‘growth’ (cough) into reverse or neutral for decades. I’m surprisingly at peace with that.

My first ‘green goal’ that I would like to hit whenever we get our own house, is to supplement the energy consumption with Solar and Wind collectors, as soon as it is financially feasible. Who wouldn’t want to pay less for their energy footprint after all?


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