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This pisses me off.

If you are American, this link will not apply to you in the way it does to me.

If you are *not* an American, then all you will see is a big fat message saying that you are not allowed to view this material. To me, this is kinda nonsensical. After all, I can watch the same shows on the ABC channel as my American bretheren can… and there isn’t any laws against taping a show, or even recording a show via PVR. So why can I not stream a legitimate viewing of the show, from the original source because I am not geographically in the US? All they are doing by compartmentalizing their online service is feeding the ‘dreaded Peer to Peer’ networks they so loathe.

A friend pointed out how well prohibition (didn’t) work, and how it just drove people towards underground establishments… Interesting parallel there, I thought. If the TV/music big boys *really* wanna take a good crack at getting rid of the ugly peer to peer ‘issues’, perhaps they should toy with the idea of lifting their prohibitions on media…


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