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Don't Meet The Robinsons, they start fires.

So, it’s been a pretty surreal day.

Work was pretty slow timewise, especially since I had to go to the Dentists and get an impression done for a new mouthguard. Now that I’m out of training and into real work, there is alot more for me to do, and it takes a bit to get used to. The weather here has been typical Canadian spring weather, cold/warm/sunny/cloudy, usually within 10 minutes of each other.

After work, Erin and I went to Masonville to get a few things, and decided to see ‘Meet the Robinsons’. Man was I dissapointed! I thought the movie was taking two steps backwards in telling a story. Visually the movie (what we saw of it, more on that later) was sound, I’d expect nothing less out of a Disney production. The humour was very hit or miss… Unfortunately, most of it missed for me. Most of the jokes Erin and I were looking at each other, to the tune of ‘this isn’t very funny, it’s spastic’.  In fact it was missing so much at points, we almost walked out on it. It would be okay for a kid I guess, but it is missing the subtle nuances that make the Pixar stories appealing to both the adult and child tastes.  I guess I just expected too much.

Now for all I know, the ending of the movie might have salvaged it for me… but we didn’t get to find out. Just as the villians big secret was being spun out, the movie was stopped, and the lights went on. Turns out that part of the mall had caught fire (I haven’t found out anything beyond that); and the entire place was evacuated. As we were guided(herded) out, we got free movie passes in recompense for the interruption. So at least Erin and I can go and see something better next time, on the Robinson’s tab.


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